Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Around the house

Finally the last pictures! My dining room - my kitchen, dining room and living room are all one big 'L' shaped room. To the right in this photo is the kitchen island and to the left is the living room, which I have yet to get a good shot of. The big white space on the wall behind the table is a dry erase board. Next is a view from the front porch - that's my parents house - very convenient babysitters! Next is our play area and last is a view from the back porch. We set up our pool on the cement patio in the summer. Well supper is ready I've got to run! Thanks for visiting with me.

Mrs. H


Rebecca said...

Beautiful animals, beautiful home, and most especially, beautiful children!

You are very blessed my dear! I can only hope and pray to have such a lovely place to raise a family some day. Patience is a virtue, my little girl recites. Yes-a lesson even her Mama needs to learn from time to time.

Thank you for commenting on my blog-I love it when people make themselves known. Gives me a chance to keep in touch with THEM also! :-)

Have a great day! BTW~You must live in the south? It sure looks lush and green over there...

I guess I forgot to mention beautiful grass! ;-)

Mrs. H said...

Thanks, Rebecca, we have definitely been blessed beyond measure!

Not in the south, we are in Ohio, it was in the twenties today! I would love to visit the south someday though and experience some of that southern charm!