Thursday, December 7, 2006

Last post for the week

This will probably be my last post this week. We have a family dinner this evening and early tomorrow morning dh and I are going out of town for our anniversary which is Saturday. These pictures are from yesterday's walk around the property. First there are two picture of our house (the little pink house) and next some picture of my horse, Streak (See 'M Streak 'N). He looks pretty scraggly, but it is winter and he is just shy of 32 years old - something of a miracle! I got him when I was 11 and showed him very successfully for several years. Of course now he's retired and my dad takes care of him. The rest of the pictures are just me having fun with my new toy -um I mean camera! Oh, and also a picture of one of the wreaths I put on my back doors for winter and my crocheted lace curtains - currently in my living room. Sorry the pictures aren't in order, I haven't figured out how to get this laid out the way I mean it to be :)

See you next week!
Mrs. H

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