Friday, May 25, 2007

See 'M Streak 'N

Because it was so warm today, my mom got out 'my' horse today and gave him a bath. I got Streak when I was 11 and showed him very successfully for several years. Now he is 33 years old and living in retirement at my parents. I went out and took some pictures of him to save for posterity. As you can tell we are very proud of how beautiful he is at so old an age!

I added this post to Kelli's Show and Tell Friday list, so go check out the rest!

Mrs. H


Trella said...

Beautiful horse. I love the name.

PEA said...

Hard to believe he's 33 years old! What a beautiful horse with a great past!!

Kelli said...

My daugher Grace is in bed but I will be sure to show her these pictures in the morning, she loves horses! He's beautiful!

Penless Thoughts said...

Beautiful horse. Love his color.

Sharon said...

A beautiful horse! Hard to believe he is 33!

Mrs. G said...

oh, Streak is just beautiful (or would he prefer "handsome"? :)

how wonderful that he has retired with your parents so you can still visit :)