Monday, June 11, 2007

Pink House Happenings

As promised here are pictures of the projects from last weekend. The first is the wall my dad and the Boss built last Saturday in our basement. We created a bedroom down there for the three boys to give them a little more space to move! We still need to frame in a door.

Next the Boss ripped out the carpet in our bedroom. Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) we are going to put down a laminate floor. This week we are also going to paint the walls - a light sky blue, I think. See the laundry hamper - I got that last week at the thrift store.

I was sitting in the rocking chair the other day and saw this pretty rainbow on my wall. So here it is for your enjoyment ; )

Last, but not least, these little fur balls arrived at our house last Monday. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there are 5 in there - and all the same color. I was hoping for a little variety , but oh well : ) They are currently residing in a basket in our garage. More adorable picture to come later I'm sure!

Have a great day,
Mrs. H

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StitchNchick said...

Good Morning,

Thanks for visiting and for entering my "Simple" contest! To answer your question...we don't have a shop open anymore. My sister and I were partners and we just couldn't keep up with it, homeschooling, farm life, and the seven kids between us! (lol) We still create things when we can and do shows on occasion, and plan to do it again someday. I am also a Food Network/HGTV addict, but we've been doing really good with our tv fast! Oh, and I love your pictures! That hamper is lovely and the little babes are so sweet. I'll be posting pictures of our two later today. :o)