Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Victoria Sponge

Ever since I read Nigella Lawson's "How To Be a Domestic Goddess" I have wanted to make this Victoria Sponge cake. I'm not sure why it attracted me so, because everything in her book looks delicious! I think it is because the name of the cake sounds so British, and I love anything to with England. My dream vacation would be an extended trip throughout the whole of England. Wouldn't it be awesome to see those ancient structures in person! Well maybe if I win the lottery someday : )

Anyhow, back to the cake. I decided to try it today; however at the time of this post I haven't tried it yet. We were all too full after dinner so we decided to wait until after church to indulge! It looks pretty though.

Mrs. H


Mrs.B. said...

What a beautiful cake!

I love Canon in D too--I have it on my blog as well.


Mrs. Wilt said...

Oooh, Mrs. H!
Your cake looks positively DIVINE! By the way, your music is lovely. Mr. Wilt and I used that song in our wedding. :o)

~ Janice ~ said...

Oh your cake is BEAUTIFUL!! I also love anything 'England'! Did you hear the 'Victoria' magazine is going to be published again? That's one of the places I get my 'England' fix. :o) You have a nice blog!

Kelli said...

Your sponge cake looks delicious and it's so pretty too!!

Mama Squirrel said...

Perfect for this weekend's Victoria Day--okay if I link?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed visiting your site. I am a first timer here. Cake looks awesome.

Chrissy T

Mrs. H said...

Thanks you all I'm thrilled to have a few visitors!

Mrs. H

shekinahhvac said...

Mmmm, the cake looks wonderful. My hubby would love this one. And I agree with everyone, it looks divine!